Melissa Krivachek has been blessed with a passion for training individuals, teams and companies across the globe who find themselves lacking energy, losing money and feeling lost in the day to day cycles they’ve created for themselves, their businesses and families.


    Beyond the ability to create systems, scale and develop teams as well as increase bottom lines and help people find peace of mind Melissa has been given numerous accolades, landing her on the front cover of Evolution Magazine as their Top Power Player Under 40. Melissa has also been nominated for Forbes and Inc. Magazines prestigious list of “30 Under 30” and has been named the “Top 1% of US Executives” two years in a row by The American Council of Executives. In addition she’s made hundreds of media appearances and has been given multiple awards from the states of Iowa where she grew up and Minnesota where she resides.


    Melissa now travels extensively and is highly involved in philanthropy spending her time volunteering in various activities and countries around the world.


    Melissa has also written 10 books - 7 of which are International Best-Sellers, she was inducted into The International Association of Professional Writers & Editors in 2020. Finally, she was nominated to be in the 2019 “Inc. 5000” list which is a definitive ranking of America’s fastest-growing, privately held companies.


    Productivity, Efficiency, Peace of Mind and Bigger Bottom Lines is Melissa’s forte and after 18 months of having Automation Empire as a consulting client she has now become the COO and Executive Board Member!



    These are some distinct characteristics & traits of our clientele:

    • Highly Positive & Energetic
    • Highly interested in making money online
    • Passionate about the Amazon Platform
    • Excited about not having to manage, carry, ship or worry about the returns of merchandise
    • Interested in making significant ROI's (not promised or guaranteed)
    • Business Based Value System
    • Investment Educated
    • Driven by Freedom not Material Possessions
    • Involved in Philanthropy, Masterminds, Families, Legacy, Churches, Free Masons & The Like
    • They always have Integrity, do what they say when they say - delivering as promised on time
    • Genuine, Humble, Caring, Compassionate & Confident


    Every business faces two major problems: people and money.

    We manage both so you don't have to!



    Financial Analysis

    Total Business Evaluation

    Develop Management Roles

    Organize The Workflow

    Outsource Low Level Tasks

    Put Standard Operational Procedures in Place

    Develop Daily Routines

    Maximize The Cashflow​

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